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Today, Sunday, 9 August
11:00amLight rain showers+108°
12:00pmLight rain+106°
01:00pmPartly cloudy+104°
02:00pmPartly cloudy+106°
03:00pmPartly cloudy+104°
04:00pmPartly cloudy+106°
05:00pmPartly cloudy+106°
06:00pmPartly cloudy+104°
07:00pmPartly cloudy+104°
08:00pmPartly cloudy+104°
09:00pmPartly cloudy+103°
10:00pmPartly cloudy+101°
11:00pmPartly cloudy+99°
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Завтра, Monday, 10 August
12:00amPartly cloudy+97°
01:00amPartly cloudy+95°
02:00amPartly cloudy+95°
03:00amPartly cloudy+94°
05:00amPartly cloudy+92°
06:00amPartly cloudy+92°
08:00amClear sky+97°
12:00pmPartly cloudy+110°
01:00pmPartly cloudy+112°
03:00pmPartly cloudy+106°
04:00pmPartly cloudy+106°
05:00pmPartly cloudy+108°
06:00pmPartly cloudy+110°
07:00pmPartly cloudy+106°
08:00pmPartly cloudy+104°
09:00pmPartly cloudy+103°
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Tuesday, 11 August
12:00amClear sky+94°
02:00amPartly cloudy+97°
03:00amPartly cloudy+99°
07:00amPartly cloudy+95°
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Now09:10 am, Sun, 9 Aug 2020
grey line
Wind North-northeast Light air, north-northeast, 0.9 mph
Fair Fair
Precipitation Precipitation 0 inch
Pressure above normal Pressure 1022 hPa above normal
Sunrise Sunrise at 06:54
Sunset Sunset at 21:03
Moon phase Last quarter
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grey line
Height above sea level +1015yards
Norm of atm.pressure at t=101° at an altitude 1015yards 910hPa
Latitude 42.471
Longitude 1.493
Timezone +2 h
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grey line
ISO code AD
Capital Andorra la Vella
Area 468km2
Population 84000
Continent EU
Currency EUR
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